Virtual Touch – Open Source Project

The aim to make how a user can interact better with the system through an artistic app was difficult for me, I came up with more technical stuff and anyhow made it to the conceptual level that my Tutor going to decide.

I have recently completed couple of live games with cross-platform approach by Open Source technologies, Arduino – OpenCV – Java at the major level. The methods to develop virtual interaction changed a lot of times during the project.
Using the Infrared Sensors, IR LED could detect the reflective light from the light colored wall, that became easy to track the human body.

The first game came to mind was moving circular balls with hands but later I applied falling bricks from top, it comes randomly and user need to escape from it. When it hits user, it blows up light (LED) through Arduino. Another, idea to use openCV to track the different colors from fingers, in a particular frame size given that tracks user drawing to the system screen.

The environment required a light color background such as white or cream, the app grabs the background color in couple of seconds and then starts tracking body which should not be wearing light color like white or cream. The body gives the negative point to the bricks game, the concept to the brick is it keeps on falling on light color and when it strikes any other color, it gives notification to Serial port and Arduino receives a message to blow up a LED.

I am looking forward to use two or three games on the day of Exhibition using the same platform but different interactions through multiple computers. Not so far now !

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