Send Email Notification to Customers When Stripe Recurring Payment Failed

You are putting lot of efforts to generate leads, create customers, investing in your business for better profits. That involves online transactions and billings ofcourse. Stripe from the past years have gained so much popularity having their services in limited countries, is now one of top choices of serious business owners.

You have worked hard to create customers for your business and I am sure you would not like to lose them with a reason like stripe payment failed or customer card declined. Update your customers with notification sent as email when any automated charge fails on Stripe using simple Hooks in Stripe Library.

Whether its single invoice payment or recurring payments with stripe, using Stripe Hooks you are allowed to trigger an event that will send email notification to customers when stripe recurring payment failed.  Here are some quick steps to setup hooks and you will need basic knowledge of PHP to do so. If you do not have programming knowledge, you can contact me straight way, I will help you out with that. You can Hire me directly through my website or via my Upwork profile.


Follow the steps to create notifications for customers, it will take you a while to complete –

  • Log into your Stripe Account and go to Account Settings
  • Go to Web Hooks tab and create an End Point
  • Create a file that includes Stripe Library (I use PHP) and upload on your website
  • End Point URL should be the file you uploaded, where email code will be placed
  • From Events on the same tab, choose single event such as charge.failed
  • Now save it and fetch Stripe Data through the library
  • Use Data such as ID, Name, Email, Amount that failed into email format with link to Update Card page
  • Now create a page with form to update card details for Stripe
  • Send new card data to Stripe with Account ID retrieved from other file
  • Now customer card is updated and charge will complete successfully

This will solve your problem of losing customers due to expired cards, blocked cards etc. I will have better graphical representation of this process soon. If you need any solution related to this and you are not good with programming, feel free to contact me.