Historic and Contemporary Exhibitions of Digital Art – Dr. Lambert

In this post I am going to reflect on the lecture we had last week on the artwork which is now represented in Digital Form by Dr. Lambert.

The session was  basically showing that the conventional art work is preserved and its being displayed in the new form. The digital art is on the new era which is a good sign, on the other hand previous art work is being ignored. The paper work is not converted into motion pictures and graphics, further the art is collaborated with the Electronic Equipments.

The most interesting keywords on the lecture were

> Senster

> Kinetica

> Decode

The Senster is the first work done in the robotics art. The work is done upon machines and the piece of robot is controlled by a computer system.

Kinetica is a museum, which is annually hold exhibitions in London that are aimed to ‘encourage the convergence of art and technology, providing an alternative platform to static traditional forms of art such as painting and sculpture’. The idea of the exhibition is to celebrate the historical concepts but also the contemporary concepts or several art collections.

Decode is an exhibition annually held at the V&A museum in London, which showcases the latest developments in digital and interactive design, displaying small graphics, right through to large scale installations.




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