Arduino Session with Kim

I have gone through the Arduino Session with Kim on 19th Nov which was really interesting. Actually I used to play with small bulbs, electric motors, small battery, wires, soldering and all at the age of 14, that is one of major reason for getting myself into it and I really found it interesting for me.

Arduino is an open source hardware and software developed by the group of students from Italy that works along other electronic components like sensors,resisters,motors etc. and can be operated through programming as well.

The first session was good as I got to know how the arduino board works, its properties, its advantages and its structure. The board can work on both Digital and Analog platform, there are Transmitter and Receiver available on the board and the notifications are shown through the small LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) while Transmission.

Many kind of Arduino boards are available there but I have worked on the Arduino UNO that connects to the computer through USB or can power it with AC to DC adapter or 9V battery. On the board there are two different sections for Digital and Analog Devices but can work in collaboration. The board provides Ground Pins, Power Supply of 5V and other connection pins as well.

It comes with an Arduino application, in which coding part can be performed with language C++ and load into the board. Each program coded in Arduino App is called a Sketch, that uploaded/downloaded to the board for execution. The small programming work was done but looking forward for Advance Programming with Adam at rest of the Arduino Session.

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